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Liber DCL vel De Fons Aqua Vita

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Publicação em Classe b-e.

Imprimatur: N. Fra. A.·.A.·.


This book is true in some cases up to Dominus Liminis, in some cases up to Adeptus Exemptus, and in some cases to the end of the present Aeon.

216, 8°=3! A.·.A.·.



0. In the name of the Lord Therion, AUMGN. This is a treatise on the Eucharist of Two Elements; let it become part of the Breviary of the Holy Gnostic Catholic Church.

1. In the Beginning was Initiation, and thus has its Lord decreed: "I spit on your crapulous creeds." Therefore, let not those creeds be persecuted, but rather despised. To attack them would be to accolade them. Let the priest remember that in the performance of his office he represents He who hateth that evil should be done in this world, and show no mercy.

2. In the false worship authority was sovereign, so that the Sacrament was deemed holy even when administered by an unworthy priest. This was blasphemy not to be borne among ye. It is written "They shall be known by their fruit." Therefore, let the priest be pure, lest the congregation be poisoned by his ministry! For since there is no god but man, thou art thyself the source of thy power.

3. Let the love of the priesthood be always under will. Let your office be foremost in your thoughts and your feelings. For if you do not keep your chastity intact, surely your congregation will be afflicted.

4. Swear a mighty Oath of Holy Obedience unto the Heirarchy, and seek not to usurp the office of your Superiors. For as long as ye be merely human, ye shall be tempted to do this by the very energies that will flow through ye. However, do not mistake obedience for laxity; for your Superiors, also, may become unworthy. This ordeal may lead to the highest achievement either way.

5. Do not confuse Heru-ra-ha with Therion or with Aiwass or with any Other, saying: "They are one." For being perfect, when They are one, they are really none. Below the Abyss we reach truth not through reason but through experience. Therefore, inflame yourselves in prayer! It is enough. Those who may need you for THeir work will make Themselves known to ye thus: when the flame is pure and intense, all dross vanishes, and the true light shines forth.

6. The Outer Circle of the Holy Gnostic Catholic Church is of the dove, not the serpent: let then no priestess administer the Sacraments in the Outer! But even then, let the priest remember that the Phallus also is a Vessel, and let him not forget before whom he kneels! For if this be not so, then surely will the Sacraments be defiled.

7. In his office, the preist is the Charioteer's cupbearer. Let him be as a faithful wife to the Lord.

8. Neglect not the Mass of the Holy Ghost! Let the priest worship our Lady BABALON, who guards the Abyss! Should he feel impurity in his soul, let him invoke Her Cup of Abominations, and quaff whatever is poured therein. If he be a true priest, would he not rather be annihilated than prove unworthy of his office?

9. Shroud the worship in utmost privacy! Let not it be seen or partaken of by the unwilling or by the heathen! For in a boat, one who does not row is dead weight; and one who rows against his or her will is a slave. There are no slaves in Thelema, and is not a boat the symbol of the Church?

10. There are two ways to handle the Wheel of Fate: one, is to seek to spin the axle yourself; the other is not to care what the movement brings forth. In the end, these are one. Therefore, let not the priesthood preach or convert or talk overmuch; let the Universe Herself choose the faithful through Inertia. But should you spin the axle, let this be done in the aethyr, and your cry be as the Pelican's summoning his or her children; is not the Pelican one of the symbols of our Holy Order? Nor let your lust of result disturb the Universal Rest!

11. Justice is Adjustment: watch your congregation. If they neglect Liber OZ, search yourselves diligently. If the priest find no error in himself in the Outer, then let him screen the priestess or the acolytes. Should there be no error in them, assuredly a member of the congregation is unworthy of the Eucharist. Find him or her: make him or her redress the balance, or be cast off. Tolerate not evil! Measure all by their deeds, not their words: in Thelema, only deeds count. The Lord of the Aeon would rather be cursed by an upright human than paid lip service by a scoundrel.

12. Let the priesthood mistake not sacrifice in this Aeon! For the word sacrifice means to make sacred; and the Formula of Sanctification is no longer Death and Resurrection, but Transmutation. Thus let there be no giving without receiving, for every laborer is worthy of his or her hire; lest they would be slaves. Nor must the planes be mistaken: priesthood is a vocation, not a profession; have ye not been told to shroud yourselves in privacy? There is no need for death or suffering: pain is not a price but a consequence. The Fountain of Living Water flows freely from Our Lady's Cup. Therefore cursed be all those who should sacrifice anything in this world to attain anything in another! For the planes must be kept seperate, and both Asar and Isa, in their past formulae, are not of us.

13. May Death be joyful in this Aeon; may it be looked at with open eyes, and without horror: for all is in the Body of our Lady Nuit, of which our Lady BABALON is but a reflection. In this, again, let experience transcend reason for Her chosen ones! But ye shall not mistake if ye make death the gladdest of your feasts. Is it not written thus in the Book of the Law? And may the omnipresence of Her body bless ye with Her choosing.

14. In the Outer, the Two Elements in Opposites; in the Inner, the Two Elements as may be. Therefore, as it is written, be ye as wise as the serpent and as innocent as the dove; but let all your rituals be unto Her. For as man is in woman, so also is woman in man. Nevertheless, beware! For our Order is of the Dove. Let none take a profane as a partner in the Outer; not even sub rosa.

15. Ye be of the Synagogue of Satan. Remember therefore to banish all demons and their works from your way, as it is written in AL iii 49-56. Then ye may speak to the people they infest, or enter the places where they worshipped, without fear. As the visible face of our Lord moves above or below the horizon of the Earth's dance, the exorcism must be renewed if contact with the unclean remains. Let this be the extent of your exorcism! Who are ye, that you should save those people? As it is written: let them die in their misery. For they feel not.

16. Death and madness are part of the dance of life: let all savior-gods be accursed among ye, for they are enslavers. Therefore have ye no inquisitions or holy wars or persecutions, for these are blasphemies against the freedom of all souls. Should ye be invaded of your privacy by such means, destroy the invaders utterly; but hate them not, for hatred is a form of love, and should be reserved for equals. As it is written: on low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your wrath.

17. As Nuit our Lady pours the milk of the stars freely, so do ye unto the worshippers. Interfere not with their freedom, but let your Will in this be to furnish them with greater Ease in their Going, wherever that Going may lead. For although She is the final Abode of all, yet is each road unique therein. Blaspheme not against this freedom, else you shall fall from it.

18. Occasionally the Play of the Waters shall become stagnant, and darkness shall gather around ye. Rejoice in this station of your Going as in all else, and whisper unto each other: the Lord shines even at midnight. Indeed, there are those who met Him therein, after seeking Him daily at midday.

19. Hoor and Set be twins. Deem not of Good and Evil, but rather unite all pairs of opposites. This is the key to our Lord's magick; thus ye shall honor the Aeon.

20. Blaspheme not against Liber AL, offend not against the rules in Liber OZ! Therein, the letter is the Spirit.

21. Pan is Nuit.